About Us

Our journey at LSSYA is deeply rooted in personal experiences and a collective passion for mental health advocacy. Lidia's experience with high school bullying inspired the creation of LSSYA, driving our commitment to providing accessible mental health support.

The name 'LSSYA' maintains user anonymity, symbolizing our effort to de-stigmatize mental health issues. As a stigma-free platform, we embody empathy, innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity, uniting to revolutionize mental health care in Ethiopia and form a compassionate and driven team working towards a common vision.


  • Provide accessible, confidential, and tailored mental health support.

  • Offer judgment-free, inclusive, and culturally sensitive care for adults aged 18 and above through our compassionate team of 'LSSYA Therapists'.

  • Guide individuals through challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship issues.

  • Assist in uncovering strengths, exploring emotions, and developing practical strategies for positive change.

  • Ensure privacy, comfort, and quality care throughout your mental health journey.

  • Communication-based virtual counselling (we do not offer diagnoses or medical prescriptions).

  • Dedicate ourselves to helping individuals with mental health concerns.